Ripping CD tracks to mp3 format with KAudioCreator

I had a few problems establishing how to do this and could not find any meaningful guides on the Internet relating to Debian, so I have written this short guide on how to do this.

I am assuming you have some background in the Debian packaging system so the instructions are rather terse. If you don't follow this, then you may need to do some additional reading.

The encoder used to rip tracks to mp3 is LAME but the encoder is not installed. It is also not available in the Debian Etch repositories. You need to modify your /etc/apt/sources.lst by adding the following line;

deb stable main

You now need to update your packages list by doing as root;

apt-get update

You need to download the necessary LAME packages by doing as root;

apt-get install lame lame-extras gstreamer0.8-lame

The necessary packages should now be installed. Edit you sources.lst file and rem (#) the line that you added above and do;

apt-get update

You are now ready to roll. Load the CD and open KAudioCreator from the main menu (Multimedia). Go to Settings then to Configure KAudioCreator and then select Encoder. You will see Lame, select it. Accept and now go to the tracks and select which one you want to rip. You can monitor the process, using the jobs tab. You can also change the directory to which the mp3 is created by going to the encoder section again and where you see Location click the wizard button and modify the line after ~. I have Music in /Music so the line starts with ~/Music/..........(remember the /). Have fun!

I hope you find the information useful and enjoy the site. If you have any suggestions or comments or would like to contact me then please e-mail me
Rob Oats
January 2008