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Maternal ancestry of Leslie Gilbert PINE

Leslie Gilbert PINE was born in Bristol, 22 December 1907, to Henry Mooreshead PINE and Lilian Grace BESWETHERICK. He died in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk in 1987. Henry Mooreshead PINE was born in Bristol in 1883.

Lilian Grace BESWETHERICK was born in Glastonbury in 1887 to James Philips and Harriet BESWETHERICK. James worked in his father's business as a draper at the family drapers business on the High Street, Glastonbury, Somerset.

James P. BESWETHERICK was born to John BESWETHERICK and Lavinia COURTNEY on 30th May 1861 in Bodmin, Cornwall. John BESWETHERICK had a drapers business in Fore Street, Bodmin until he moved to Glastonbury before 1881. John's elder brother, William (my great-grandfather), also had a drapers business in Fore Street, Bodmin.

John Beswetherick was born to John BESWETHERICK and Anne COCK at Trevelver Farm, St Minver Highlands, near Padstow in Cornwall in 1832. John had moved to the farm about 1829 from the family farm of Tregantle near Lanlivery.

John BESWETHERICK was born at Tregantle Farm, Lanlivery, Cornwall, to William BESWETHERICK and Elizabeth COCK in 1794. The family grave of William and Elizabeth is to be found in the Church yard at Lanlivery. The ancestry of William is not clear but he was born in about 1750 and is believed to be the son of Henry BESWETHERICK and Elizabeth NICHOLLS.

Rob Oats
March 2009